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Reachu has two Shopify applications, one for sourcing products and one for sharing and syncing products:


Reachu Source

The Reachu app is used by the store the products are being sourced from, while Reachu Source is used to access products shared with you.


The Reachu Shopify application let's you sync your Shopify store with Reachu. The integration enables a two way synchronization. Meaning orders, inventory and product information can be updated and sent between Reachu and your store. Allowing you to import products to Reachu and enable inventory and product information sync as well as receiving orders.

To get started, log into your Shopify account.

Install the Reachu Shopify application. Find it in the Shopify app store or press here. The Shopify app store can be accessed from the menu on the left hand side by pressing Add apps.

Reachu App

Press Add app to start the installation process and then give the app permission by pressing Install app.

Once downloaded you will need to synchronise your store with your Reachu account. Enter your Reachu username and password when prompted and press Login. Please allow a minute or two for the page to load, and press Continue once the login is complete.

A page named My Products will appear. From here you can select the products you want to sync with Reachu

Select the products you want to sync

Press the Sync Products button.

Once synced inventory and product information will stay updated based on the information in your Shopify.

Reachu Source

The Reachu Source App for Shopify lets you source products to your Shopify store from Reachu. You can source products from various merchants and third parties you've connected with or from another store you manage.

The integration syncs orders, inventory and product information from the merchant or store you've sourced the products from.

To get started:

Download and install the Reachu Source app, available here.

Enter your Reachu credentials when prompted.

Go to your Reachu profile and select Channels.

Select Add a Channel and press Shopify.

The store URL will automatically be displayed there.

Select Save.

Adding products from Reachu to Shopify

Select the Shopify Channel from the Channels section of the Reachu platform by hitting the Manage button.

Select Add Items

From here you can add your own products either through a Collection or individual products. To source products from any of your connections that have shared products with you select Shared Collections.

Once you've added the products press the Sync action button on the right hand side.

Let the products sync - once the sync is complete head over to your Shopify account.

The products will appear in your store under the products tab. You can also manage the products directly from the Reachu Source app in Shopify.