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About Reachu

What, Why, and How

Reachu is an infrastructure that makes it easy to share and connect ecommerce related data across various systems. Our infrastructure makes it easy to incorporate ecommerce into new digital experiences, from games and video to applications and virtual reality.

Ecommerce is a great way to monetize games, apps, content and other digital experiences in a way that brings value to the user and does not send users away from what they are doing.

Our infrastructure connects with and facilitates both sides in the transaction: We make it easier for developers to build ecommerce into their product experience. While suppliers integrate their ecommerce system to Reachu in order to share access to their products and receive orders.

The three Pieces of the Reachu infrastructure are:

  • Channels: The place of sale, for instance an app connected through our API, a publishing outlet or a game.
  • Platform: The Reachu dashboard, where you can manage products, connections, and orders.
  • Suppliers: The supplier of products, for instance an ecommerce store built on Shopify or WooCommerce.