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How to add ecommerce anywhere

Go live faster with our pre built integrations, SDK and API



Reachu provides a number of plug-and-play applications and integrations to third party services. Making it possible for both Merchants and Channels to get started quickly while having the freedom to customize.

Extensions for Channels


Integrate with Reachu to import products to your Storefront, blog, webpage or application in minutes. Our apps and integrations for Channels auto-updates product information, orders and inventory in real-time.

Extensions for Suppliers

eCommerce systems

Connect your ecommerce system to export products and give Channels and third parties access to them. Reachu synchronizes all orders, inventory and other product information in real-time.


The SDK lets you connect your application, storefront or platform with Reachu to start selling products natively. It enables you to automatically import products from Reachu and add native ecommerce functionality to your product. Reachu ensures that product data, stock, fulfillment, and shipping information is synchronized with all of the Merchants ecommerce systems.

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Plugin SDK Usage Preview

API Reference

The API allows you to fetch product data and use it in your own product, application or webpage. For instance in order to sell products natively within your own game, or headless commerce storefront. Here you will find introductions to all features, as well as resources, guides, and reference documentation for the APIs data structure.

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API Reference Preview