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Key Concepts


The Reachu REST API offers a comprehensive suite of functionalities designed to seamlessly integrate ecommerce into any platform or application. Learn more.


Our Software Developer Kit (SDK) is designed to get your project off the ground faster. It comes with several pre-made modules and provides the ability to retrieve products and collections from your Reachu account, add products to a cart, payments and checkout. Learn more.


The Reachu GraphQL offers a powerful and flexible way to integrate native ecommerce functionalities into applications and web platforms, eliminating the need for an existing ecommerce infrastructure. This advanced query language allows developers to precisely request the data they need in a single query, significantly enhancing application performance and reducing network overhead. By adopting GraphQL, Reachu ensures seamless integration of ecommerce functionalities into nearly any mobile app development stack, making it highly adaptable to diverse development environments. Learn more.


A connection is another Reachu user. Reachu users can for instance be merchants, dropshippers, retailers, bloggers, publishers and applications to name a few.

Only connected users can get access to products from one another.

For more information about connections see the connections how to section.


Products are either yours or others that you have access to. Products can be listed manually in Reachu or synchronized directly from a ecommerce system.

Products that are yours can be found under the products tab in Reachu. Products you’ve been given access to by any of your connections will appear as a shared collection in the collections tab.

Only users that have connected with one another and shared access to products can sell each other’s products.

For more information about products see the products how to section.

Cart & Checkout

The shopping cart allows customers to save items they intend to purchase as they continue browsing through the online store. It acts as a temporary holding place for these items and often calculates the total price of the items added, including any applicable taxes and shipping costs.

The checkout process is where customers provide payment and shipping information to complete their purchase. The goal is to make this process as streamlined and frictionless as possible to minimize cart abandonment.


A supplier is defined as an entity (individual, company, or organization) that provides products and/or services to be sold through Reachu. Suppliers can connect their ecommerce system to Reachu in order to synchronize orders, inventory levels and other product information such as prices, descriptions and pictures.

See the Ecommerce Integration section for more information.


Channels refer to the platforms on which you intend to sell the products available to you through Reachu, such as a game or an application. To distribute your products to a chosen channel, you must first decide on your preferred method of connection. For example, you can opt for GraphQL or an API to integrate products into the channel. Following this selection, you'll need to acquire a channel-specific API key to facilitate this connection and begin selling your products.


Every order placed on Reachu is fulfilled by the supplier who listed the respective products on our platform.

Leveraging our eCommerce integrations, suppliers can process orders as seamlessly as they would through their own online storefront. This means that orders are automatically synchronized with the suppliers' accounting systems, logistics, and other essential operational tools they use daily.

Furthermore, Reachu ensures that all fulfillment statuses, including when orders are shipped, placed, or canceled, are automatically updated, providing a streamlined and efficient order management process.