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Platform (how to)


Reachu is designed to facilitate your engagement with third-party entities, enabling you to sell products seamlessly.

After establishing your Reachu Profile, you'll need to identify a potential connection, such as a supplier, application, or blog, to collaborate with.

To initiate a partnership, simply invite them to create a Reachu Profile at no cost. This invitation can be sent directly from your Reachu Dashboard or through the Connections section by submitting their email address. Upon their acceptance and registration for a Reachu profile, the connection is automatically established. Moreover, if they are already on Reachu, you can add them as a connection by inputting their username or email in the same manner.


A product collection allows you to organize one or more products into a single group, simplifying both management and distribution.

To initiate a product collection within your Reachu account, navigate to the 'Product' section.

From there, choose 'Collections' from the left sidebar and click on 'Create New Collection' located in the top right corner. You will be prompted to provide a name and a description for the collection. These details help distinguish between multiple collections, should you have more than one. After entering this information, click 'Save', then proceed to add the desired products to your collection and save again.

You're now ready to share this collection with your connections, streamlining the process of showcasing your curated product groups.

Sharing a product collection is straightforward, regardless of whether you're connecting for the first time or with an existing partner.

To share, simply access 'Connections', click on 'Add a Connection', select the collection you wish to share, and enter the email or username of the intended recipient. Finally, click on 'Send Request' to complete the process.

To edit a product collection, simply go to the collections tab in Reachu, select the collection. From there you can add or remove products that you want to have in the collection. Once done, hit the save button and the collection will be updated automatically.


Manual listing

Reachu provides a feature that allows you to manually add products to our platform. To begin this process, navigate to the 'Products' section within your Reachu account.

Click on "Add Products" located in the top right-hand corner, then choose the option for manual product listings.

Enter all the required information for your product. Once completed, click on 'Publish' to finalize the addition of your product to the platform.

Importing Products to Reachu

You have the capability to import products into Reachu by linking your ecommerce system. For detailed instructions on how to establish this connection, we invite you to consult our ecommerce integration guide. There, you'll find information tailored to the specific system you use, ensuring a seamless integration process.


Once a product is imported into Reachu it will be listed as a Draft. In order to share the product with someone you will first have to publish it.


Reachu enables you to share products with your connections or synchronize them with any other store or channel you oversee.

Before sharing a product with any of your connections, it's essential to publish the product first. We highly recommend assembling a product collection for sharing purposes. Creating collections simplifies the process of sharing multiple products simultaneously and allows for distribution to multiple sellers with ease. If you wish to distribute products across any channels you manage, you can easily add them directly from the 'Channel' section within the Reachu platform.


After successfully importing a product from your eCommerce system into Reachu, or listing one manually, the next step is to make it available for sharing with your connections by publishing it. To do this, navigate to the 'Products' section within your Reachu account. Here, choose the product(s) you wish to make public and click on the 'Publish' button. This action transforms the product status from 'draft' to 'published', making the product listing accessible to your connections.

Exporting Products

To begin exporting products to a desired channel, start by configuring the channel on Reachu. Navigate to the 'Channels' section and click on 'Add New' to establish a new channel. After setting up the channel, access the 'Channel' section within your Reachu account and select the channel you wish to manage. Click on 'Manage' and choose the shared collections you wish to make available on this channel. The selected products will then be displayed in the chosen channel. Commissions As a product supplier utilizing Reachu, you have the flexibility to incentivize your connections by offering them a Sales Commission—a percentage of each sale they facilitate.

You are equipped with the capability to assign unique commissions for each product, or alternatively, to efficiently manage and modify commissions in bulk.

To adjust commissions, simply visit the 'Products' page within your Reachu profile. Identify and select the product for which you wish to modify the commission rate. After making your adjustments, click 'Update' to apply the changes.

For those preferring to update commissions for multiple products simultaneously, the 'Bulk Actions' option streamlines this process, allowing for efficient, collective adjustments.