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For a safe integration process, all setup and testing should be conducted in a development environment, not in live production. Deployment in the production environment should only be performed after successful testing. This approach minimizes risks and ensures a smoother transition.

These are the requirements to be able to integrate with Reachu:

1. Available Restful API

In order to integrate your system with our service, it should possess an accessible Restful API (or a similar system). This API is integral for us to access the required ecommerce data and synchronize it with our system.

2. Access to Essential Data

Integration requires access to essential data from the ecommerce platform. This includes product information such as the name, description, price, SKU, images, and stock levels. Access to order information data is also required.

3. Ability to Write Data

Our system not only needs to read data from your system, but it should also have the capability to write data back to it. This ability is necessary for updating inventory levels, marking an order as shipped, and other similar tasks.

4. Webhooks

For real-time synchronization, it is ideal if the ecommerce system supports webhooks. This allows the ecommerce platform to send data to our system each time a relevant event occurs, such as a stock change or product information updates. In the absence of webhooks, our system should be able to perform polling i.e., making regular requests to the API to check for any changes.

5. Authentication

your system should support authentication. This is necessary for our system to access the data from the ecommerce platform. The authentication method can be either OAuth or API keys.

6. A Reachu account:

To integrate a your system with ReachU, you need an account on the Reachu platform in our test enviroment.