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Key concepts

Key Concepts

This section explains some of the key concepts and vocabulary you will encounter while implementing Reachu.


A channel is the product, app, or surface on which you integrate ecommerce. In this instance, the channel is GraphQL. We use channels to enable you to implement ecommerce on several different surfaces using one Reachu user account. This approach enhances flexibility and scalability, allowing for a broader ecommerce strategy that can span multiple platforms.


A supplier is a vendor or store that supplies products. One supplier can have several products, ranging from general merchandise to specialized goods. Suppliers play a crucial role in the ecommerce ecosystem, providing the inventory that you can offer to your customers. By partnering with a diverse range of suppliers, Reachu ensures you have access to a wide array of products to meet the varying needs of your customer base.


Products are the items you have access to sell through Reachu. These can be your own products or those sourced from any of the collaborating suppliers. Reachu allows for seamless integration and management of these products, ensuring they are accurately represented, priced, and stocked on your platform. This concept is central to ecommerce, as it directly relates to what you are offering to your customers.


Checkout lets a user purchase products and collect relevant information such as contact information and shipping details. This step is crucial for converting browsing into sales and is where payments are processed. Reachu's checkout process is designed to be smooth and secure, ensuring a positive user experience and trust in the transaction process.


The cart is used to save products that the user intends to buy. It is an essential component of the shopping experience, allowing customers to compile and review their choices before proceeding to checkout. The cart's flexibility and convenience play a significant role in influencing purchasing decisions and improving the overall shopping experience.

Test Products

In the test environment, you can access test products to evaluate the flow and appearance of products on your platform. This feature is invaluable for ensuring that everything works as expected and that the products are displayed attractively and accurately, ultimately contributing to a more effective ecommerce implementation.


Payments functionality allows you to accept payments through your platform. Reachu integrates with leading payment providers like Stripe and Klarna, offering a wide range of payment options to accommodate the preferences of different customers. This integration is key to facilitating smooth and secure transactions, an essential aspect of ecommerce success.

Understanding these key concepts is crucial for leveraging Reachu's full potential and successfully integrating ecommerce functionalities into your platform.